Seed capital acquisition (attracting early stage funding)

A good percentage of our clients tend to be entrepreneurs in the early and many times “pre-money” stages of building their companies. Introduction to early stage seed round investors or investment groups allows the entrepreneur to tap into a network of wealthy individuals, while giving investors the option of participating in an early round with a promising new venture not currently on their radar.

Since we work with serial entrepreneurs as well as successful architects, technical and marketing executives (the up and coming CTOs and CEOs of tomorrow) with a string of product wins in the corporate world, we become aware of premiere funding opportunities for early stage participation before they would normally become part of a mainstream deal-flow.

It’s of strategic importance to us to expand our business and technical relationships with successful entrepreneurs and future successes on their way up. To give us a better feel for the unique aspects of your business that you feel give you an edge in the market, we’d like to review your executive summary in confidence and, if it makes sense, discuss in greater detail. Feel free to send us a summary of your venture outlining the opportunity, the current team, market, product idea and the size investment you are seeking to